Tartan track construction is one of the main activities of SFS Engineering company. We have the most experienced teams in Turkey in the construction of an IAAF-approved athletics track. The Tartan runway consists of EPDM and SBR granule layers.

IAAF Standards Athletics Track Construction

IAAF standards are under consideration for athletics track construction. Tartan tracks which we have made in accordance with DIN 18.035 standards can be certified. Our completed athletics tracks are certified with IAAF Class-1 certificate or IAAF Class-2 certificate if required.

Our company receives Class 1 and Class 2 certification directly from IAAF. We have all the needed machinery and technical staff.

SFS Engineering has been manufacturing polymer and composite drainage channels, infrastructure and high class equipment for athletic track construction for the last five years. Athletics materials are IAAF certified.

How a Tartan Athletics Track is Built?

Atletizm Pisti Yapımı Tartan Pist m2 FiyatlarıFirst of all, the ground must be prepared for tartan track construction. Then, preferably asphalt is used for the infrastructure and tartan is applied on the ground. DIN 18.035 standards are taken into consideration during the construction process in order to obtain IAAF certification.

  1. The ground is smoothed and compressed. Polymer conduit or composite conduit assembly is done. During the correction, elevation levels should be carefully taken and a slope should be given to the floor in the range of 0.5- 0.7%.
  2. 10cm thick asphalt is applied on the corrected ground. Concrete can be used in areas where asphalt cannot be supplied. It should be adjusted so that the ripple on the asphalt or concrete floor is no more than 3mm.
  3. Before the Tartan Track construction phase, polymer application is made to asphalt or concrete floor and the floor is done for further application.
  4. For the  bottom layer application of the rubber floor coating a hot 8-10mm SBR granule layer mixed with binder and applied onto the surface.
  5. While the top layer is made in the same way 4-5mm EPDM granule layer is applied as hot cast and layer is corrected with special machines.

What Are The Dimensions Of The Track And Field?

The length for the athletics track measures is 400 meters. The length of the runway is 398 meters 11 cm in the inner part. However, if the runner continues to run from the outermost part of the track, this length is 453 meters. This is due to the width of 122 cm in the lanes.

Atletizm pisti ölçüleri tartan pist yapımı ölçüleri


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