Our company specializes in the design and construction of professional natural grass football pitches in accordance with FIFA standards. We have signed important projects in Turkey and abroad for more than 15 years. Following the latest trends in the construction sector of football fields, SFS Engineering provides various services such as hydroseeding, roll grass, infrastructure systems, drainage systems, heating systems, irrigation systems, sowing, hybrid grass turf construction.

"Turf Field construction" in accordance with FIFA standards is a subject that contains many factors and requires high expertise. It is an issue with special standards, from natural grass pitch construction to football pitch measurements.

Why Natural Turf Fields Construction?

Natural grass fields are used for landscaping purposes as well as for sporting purposes. Grass-court floors that add a true natural look to the environment, give the football field a pleasant and aesthetic appearance if the right maintenance is done. For this reason, to maintain the grass is as important as the construction of the field.

Of course, when we say grass pitch - the first thing that comes to our minds is a football field. It is obvious that the most suitable pitch for the game of football is the grass pitch. Both the movement of the ball and the health analysis of the players against the risks of relegation, shows that the grass is the most suitable ground. Therefore, the natural grass football field should be made in accordance with the standards set in the world.

Natural grass varieties for football

1. Hyrdroseding Grass Cultivation:

A special mixture of mulch contains grass seeds and nutrients. The seeds are applied to the ground by spraying method. Lawns grow faster due to special mixture. The grass mix is adjusted according to region and climate. A special mixture is made with different types of seeds.

2. Standard Grass Cultivation Method:

It is planted by classical methods. The grass seed mixture is specially selected according to region and climate. In this method, it takes up to 6 months for the grass to grow and hold onto the ground thoroughly.

3. Construction Of Roll Grass Football Field:

With roll grass you can start your football games in the shortest period of timw. In this method, natural grass is grown on a prior land. At the bottom there is a plastic mesh-like material, from the ground this material is easily collected as Rolls and transported to the football field. Within a few days, the process is completed. In a short period of time such as 2-4 weeks - grass will get ready for football matches.

Cost Of Turf Field Construction

The cost of turf field construction, except for bleachers and landscaping, includes the costs of floor arrangement, infrastructure works, rolling laying of natural grass product or planting on site. If you wish, our company can quote these operations, including or excluding infrastructure.

Please call us for the cost of turf field construction for standard football fields.

Standard Grass Field Measures

The natural grass football field must be 105 metres long and 68 metres wide for international matches. These measures can be used at a certain range in regular areas. The field margins should be 2m and the goal-post back gaps should be 2.5 m in size. These edges should also be made with the same properties of natural grass floor. The length of the goal post must be 7.32 m.

In addition, hybrid grass pitches are also made in sectoral terms. In other words, natural lawns can be synthesized with synthetic fibers and so-called hybrid grass pitches can be made. Natural grass is produced from the family of wheatgrass and has a good grip on the playing field. Of course they need to be regularly cut in equal measure. The poor football ground is directly related to the selection and maintenance of the grass. Low seed quality, wrong seed selection, too deep sowing, wrong synthesis, fertilization, drug residues, salt ratio, irrigation method and sandblasting methods might cause this conditions.

Turf field drainage and Periodic Maintenance Service

Natural grass field construction should be done in the hands of professional experts and the company that makes cultivation should have a corporate identity. The periodic ventilation and irrigation part is quite important. Prior to all this, the drainage on the ground should be done carefully. Drainage refers to the removal of water from the ground, especially during the construction process, or wet areas that will accumulate in difficult climatic conditions. The water on the ground should be removed from the playing field by a technically good drainage. Hence the work of grass field construction; it is a service area that requires intensive labor and maintenance from its drainage to its ventilation.

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