Mini golf course construction, specially imported from the United States Golf artificial turf carpet and other side materials are required for mini golf. Starting with the" maximum excitement in the Minimum area " slolgan, we can make artificial turf mini golf courses in special areas, in special sizes and in any way you want.

We also offer dozens of different track options with our practical Mini Golf kit products.


Mini Golf Sets Variety and Prices

In addition to our various mini Golf courses made in outdoor areas, they are also sold and assembled as a mini Golf kit in indoor locations. Click here to view our range of mini Golf kits.

1- Mini Golf Set

Standart 9 track sets. 

mini golf seti fiyatları 9 parkurlu standart


2- Crazy Golf Set

9 units of tracks in various shapes.

crazy mini golf seti parkurları fiyat



3- Hobby Golf Set

 6 units of various, colorful special tracks.

Hobby mini golf seti fiyatları nedir? satın al



4- Kinder Golf Seti

 3 units  Mini-Golf set designed specially for kids

Kinder çocuk mini golf seti fiyatları satın al

 Please contact us to buy the golf set varieties listed above and to learn more about models and accessories.

Mini Golf Course Construction

The special materials required for the construction of the Mini golf course are imported by SFS Engineering. Synthetic turf, flagpole and other mini golf course materials required for Golf are used during installation.


Mini golf sahası yapımı Mini golf seti fiyatları


STEP 1 / Ground works:

For the construction of a Mini golf course, first of all, the ground study should be done at the place where the application will be made. Flat concrete floors can be applied immediately. A special booster layer for golf can be installed on the concrete floor in a short time.

The area is marked by considering a pre-prepared mini golf course plan in areas such as garden grounds, soil or natural grass. Artificial turf will be laid by removing the natural grass in the area 5-10cm deep space is left. This space will prevent water retention of the ground layer is laid. The fine grass carpet for drainage is thoroughly smoothed before being laid. A special raising layer or synthetic grass can be applied directly on it.

STEP 2 // Laying out Special Artificial Grass for Golf Courses:

Artificial turf is ready to be laid along with the special riser layer which is installed on concrete or cement layer. Holes are placed in the desired locations or on the template of the Ready Set. Then a special golf synthetic grass carpet is laid out.

Artificial turf carpet models produced specifically for Golf courses can be made much more frequently in sizes such as 8mm, 13mm and 18mm.

STEP 3 /// Accessories and landscape Applications:

During the final stage of Mini golf course construction, other materials and accessories are assembled. Flags are placed in the holes and numbered. Special curbs can be placed around the area. If the space is large enough, a variety of plants and special outdoor decorative accessories can be arranged. After the final arrangements, the mini golf course will be at your service in a short time

Planning of The Mini Golf Course

Our assortment includes pre-ready drawings of mini Golf courses in various layouts and configurations. In addition, we offer a drawing service of mini golf course plan that is performed completely according to our customers requests and in special sizes. Thus, you can see the mini golf course you want to have done in advance and design it the way you want.

Mini Golf Sahası Ölçüleri

Doğal çim ile yapılan golf sahaları dönümlerce büyüklükteki arazilere yapılırken mini golf sahası ölçüleri bahçelere ve çeşitli ortak alanlara sığabilecek uygun ölçülerde olabilmektedir.

Çeşitli hazır setlerimizin ölçülerini öğrenmek için bizi arayabilirsiniz. Mini golf için önerdiğimiz ölçüler 10m x 20m gibi olabilmektedir.

Mini Golf Sahası Fiyatları

Çeşitli ölçülerde ve tiplerde sahalar için çeşitli fiyat listelerimiz bulunmaktadır. Mini golf sahası fiyatları için lütfen bizimle iletişime geçiniz. Ekiplerimiz her türlü golf sahası yapımı ihtiyaçlarınızı en uygun şekilde karşılayacaktır. 

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