Turnkey construction of synthetic turf field, according to the latest technology approved by laboratories accredited by FIFA, synthetic turf field is provided with STAR-1 and STAR-2 certificates and approved for national and international competition.

Synthetic Turf Field Cost

Please call us to learn more about the construction of a FIFA 1 and Fifa 2 Star Certified Professional artificial turf football field and request technical specifications. You can visit our company for m² prices and models of artificial turf.

Artificial Turf for Professional Football Pitches

Professional football fields also have "professional artificial turf" floors as an alternative to natural grass for the football field. Both FIFA Star 1 and FIFA Star 2 documents can be obtained with our 60mm length synthetic turf models used with Monofilament yarns. Please call us for information about the models.

Varrieties of Models:

  • 60mm Monofilament type artificial turf
  • 60mm Fibrile type artificial turf
  • 55mm Monofilament type artificial turf
  • 55mm fibrile type artificial turf


Sentetik Çim Saha Yapımı Maliyeti

Models of Artificial Turf Fields

Apart of professional flooring used for artificial turf fields, we also have available more economical models of flooring. In commercial type synthetic turf fields, synthetic grass types of 55mm hav length are generally preferred and frequently used. Some of our models are listed below:

  • 55mm Monofilament type artificial turf
  • 55mm Fibrile type artificial turf
  • 50mm Monofilament type artificial turf
  • 50mm Fibrile type artificial turf
  • 40mm Monofilament type artificial turf
  • 40mm Fibrile type artificial turf

Please call us to get information about the prices of artificial turf models for synthetic pitches


Synthetic Grass or Natural Grass?

Synthetic turf carpet maintenance is easy and cost-free, although natural turf football field construction is also essential for the top leagues. For this reason, if the construction of grass field is questioned, then it's a direct indicator of professional football to be played. With 20 years of grass field construction experience, the SFS team offers the highest quality service in Turkey.

The construction of a quality natural grass field should be preferred in the professional top leagues. In amateur lower leagues pitches, easy to maintain, no expense, synthetic turf field construction is the right choice.