SFS Engineering is the right address for building tennis courts with natural floors and synthetic floors! You can get offers from us about the cost of building a tennis court with synthetic turf, natural grass, acrylic and tartan flooring. All floors are made in accordance with ITF and can be certified.

Tennis Court Construction, Tennis Court Floors And Dimensions

Tennis is an enjoyable, fun and exciting sport. If there is a situation such as the construction of a tennis court, the right choice of ground, standard dimensions and every other necessary detail should be given the utmost attention.

Prior to making such pitch, it is extremely important to implement soil survey and to check the stability of the ground. Earth surface should be compressed with cylinder and earthwork should be done. Then the special perforated drainage pipe should be laid to prevent possible surface water deposits  through the integrated drainage pipework.

After the infrastructure is done, tennis court flooring selection can be made. This choice is made between natural and synthetic floors.

Selection of the Tennis Court Flooring

Certainly for the construction of tennis courts, the selection of the ground is important. Acrylic application, which has a flexible structure and is effective in maximizing performance, is also important in achieving successful results. With one or more layers of acrylic floors, targeted flexibility can be easily achieved. It also means setting aside a budget for less than the cost of the tennis court. Another popular content is tartan ground. The fact that the ground that absorbs the blows will be used for many years is also an accepted difference for the construction of tennis courts.

Natural tennis courts are divided into tennis courts with natural lawn and tennis courts with a sandy surface. Courts with natural lawns are often used for world-famous tennis tournaments. It is necessary to periodically take care of tennis courts with natural lawns. Tennis courts with a sandy surface are made of Oze-sand. This is the kind of ground that tennis players prefer, which is fast and much easier to care for than grass.

1. Artificial Lawn Tennis Court Construction

Another area where tennis sports are held is the grass lawn. Now with synthetic grass, you can also achieve a great court. Lighting systems that will be installed at the four corners of the object also contribute to an excellent result. Depending on the cost and budget of the tennis court, you can resort to building a platform with wire mesh, bleachers and a more complete set. At the moment, you can get ideas by looking at the examples posted on our site.

Our recommended artificial grass models for synthetic grass tennis courts are 18 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm in size. We have monochrome green, two-tone dark and light green, and tile color as the applied color.


2. Acrylic Flooring for Tennis Courts

Acrylic courts are one of the most preferred Court types. They are easy to apply, practical and economical flooring types. It is suitable to make the desired color combinations with many colors. 2-3mm thick with several layers of application is obtained.

Another type of acrylic floor is Cushion acrylic floor. In the same way, the acrylic floor consists of a flexible floor which is obtained by adding rubber granule powder into the paint.

3. Tennis Courts with Tartan Flooring

Tartan floors are a kind of flexible floor made from EPDM granulated materials and SBR granulated materials, which are rubber materials. This is one of the most high-quality and productive types of floors that you can choose for tennis courts. Its thickness is about 13 mm and 15 mm. These floors are made by in-situ hot pouring method.

Tartan flooring is also the most used flooring type for athletic tracks.

4. Clay Court Construction

Clay courts are made with special clay powder. Levelling is done by  first laying gravel on the ground and clay granules. Then the clay powder is laid and smoothed.

5. Natural Turf Tennis Court Construction

When the natural lawn tennis court floor is made, first of all, the appropriate type of grass should be selected for the region. Irrigation system and periodic maintenance of natural grass should not be disrupted.

For information on natural grass field construction, click on the link.

Tennis Court Dimensions

A standard tennis court in-line measures should be 11 metres wide and 23.77 m long. The end parts of the court should be 6m spaced and the side parts should be 3m spaced. The minimum dimensions of such a tennis court are approximately 18m x 36m. These measures are for official competitions.

The dimensions of the tennis court, which will not be played in the official competition, may be 2-3m smaller than the above dimensions. The application can be made in sites, beaches, etc.according to the proportions of the lines and area so as not to disrupt the enjoyment of the game.

Cost of Tennis Court Construction

Prices for the construction of tennis courts vary depending on the type of floor covering. You can get quotes on prices per square meter. Please call us for prices for the construction of turnkey outdoor tennis courts. Request price quotes ⇒