About Us

About Us

About us - SFS Engineering, Construction of Sport Fıelds

Our company was founded in 2000 by agricultural engineer Mehmet KILIÇ with the aim of producing hitherto imported natural lawn in the country and developing a contribution to this field. Our goals in this sector are to maintain positive growth dynamics, maintain and constantly train with modern literature, distribute our products and develop quality in a sustainable manner. SFS Engineering is a competent, responsible and competitive company with a transparent marketing system. Our company's goals:

1- Always be customer-oriented, 
          Taking full responsibility to produce fast, long term and sustainable solutions.

2- Never deviate from quality,
          Raise standards and always strive for the best.

3- Be in constant development and follow the latest trends,
          Develop ideas and solutions with a complete picture of what is happening in the world.

4- Design, project and create,
         Stick to the process from words to comprehension and good analysis, to drawing, and all the way to completion.

5- Strong and Secure,
          Constantly investing into people, sector and strength to be able to stay the competition against opponents in a legitable market environment.

Sport Fields Construction Services

As SFS Engineering we make sportive dreams of Turkey and other countries to come true. We are proud to be the only IAAF certified company in Turkey. Taking Athletism as a first priority, as well as construction of sport fields, we do provide many other services.

We provide services in many areas such as EPDM track construction, tennis court construction, natural grass football field construction, synthetic grass field construction, tribune construction, mini golf course construction and organization grounds construction. We manufacture and supply all kinds of equipment for the construction of track and field.